AXIWI OT-015 Push-to-Talk Button

The Push-to-Talk button is a practical, faster and easier way to set the speaking function ‘on’ or ‘off”, than using the ‘S’ button on the AXIWI radio.

The ‘S’ button on the AXIWI radios can be used to set the ‘speaking function ‘on’ or ‘off’. To enable or disable the speak function you push about 1-2 seconds on the ‘S’ button. At various sports it is desirable that some users only can listen (think of a 4th official) and the microphone is not permanently open. If this person wants to talk or wants to participate in the conversation, then they can use the large PTT button (AXIWI OT-015) that fits nicely in the palm of their hand.

Connecting the AXIWI OT-015
Insert the plug of the PTT button (OT-015) in the top of the AXIWI. Insert the plug of the headset into the PTT button. The AXIWI OT-015 is now connected to the AXIWI.

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