AXIWI Testimonials

"The use of radio communications systems by sports officials is not new, but their use in volleyball officiating began only a few years ago. As a volleyball official, trainer, and administrator committed to their use and the value they add to officiating, I felt it important to find a radio communications system that was affordable, functional, and reliable. I found these qualities in the AXIWI product, with the added features of ease of use in a compact unit with incredible flexibility. Extensive research and a timely reply to my initial email inquiries fueled my initial decision to purchase a set of two AXIWI AT-350s and headsets. Product performance in the field, under demanding conditions, and exceptional customer service from the US distributor, Global Archery Products and owner, John Jackson paved the way for a second purchase of 4 additional AT-350s and headsets. I have owned and used my AXIWI communication system for just over a year. I have used the products in varied settings and conditions. At events where failure or mediocre performance are simply NOT an option. In every instance I have been able to rely on them for clear, enhanced communications with my officiating partners. Equally, if not more important, is the level of trust l've forged with John Jackson at Global Archery and the AXIWI products l own, and often recommend. Mindful of the impact of words and endorsements, I write this with no hesitations."

- Katrina J Meyer
Executive Director
Professional Association of Volleyball Officials (PAVO)

"Those who know me know I like to research before I buy. I searched for radio headsets knowing they had become a necessity for communication within my sport of volleyball, even before the current pandemic. What attracted me to the AXIWI® brand was the small size of the units and their use by a wide variety of sports officials in Europe. I contacted AXIWI® corporate, who put me in touch with Global Archery, the US distributor. I received a personal call from John Jackson, GA founder & CEO, who offered to send me both AT-320 & AT-350 models and a variety of headsets on a "try before you buy" plan. John walked me through the setup of the units, and his team made my eventual purchase of three AT-350 units & headsets extremely smooth. I cannot be more pleased with my purchase or the great service provided by Global Archery. I have used the devices during several of my matches this year, and all my officiating partners have been impressed by the sound quality and compact nature of the units. This technology has been a boon to matches I've officiated, and the teamwork during those matches was improved because of it. I have absolutely no doubt this was one of the best purchases I have made as a volleyball official."

- Tom Hobbs
National Volleyball Official, PAVO & USAV

"Wabtec Manufacturing Solutions, a locomotive and mining wheel manufacturing facility in north Fort Worth, recently purchased 40 of the AXIWI AT-350 communication system units with charging stations from Global Archery to support factory tours. At the recommendation of Global Archery, we also purchased inexpensive 2 x Sonitum Bulk Headsets with Microphone through Amazon. We use the communication system to give plant tours in our facility while manufacturing operations are occurring. We require hearing protection while on the factory floor, however the headsets provide adequate protection and good sound quality during tours even while manufacturing operations are underway. We recently hosted our company board of directors and gave tours to the board members. The tour communication system received praise from our board of directors for the sound quality and ability to hear the tour guide throughout the tour. The system also provides participants on the tour the ability to ask questions by simply activating the microphone button on the unit. We are very please with the performance of the units and the customer support provided by Global Archery."

- Rodrigo Soares
Continuous Improvement Leader Wabtec Corporation
Fort Worth, TX

"The communication is crisp and clear without a sound of echoing that may be common in other referee radio systems. There was never any interference from utilities or crowd noise. Communication never faded, missed or misunderstood. I am completely blown away by the effectiveness of this radio communication system!!!”

- Adam Drees
St. Louis, MO

"I have dealt with Global Archery in reference to the AXIWI headsets. I cannot say enough about the great caring customer service. Every time I have emailed or called I get timely callbacks and the problem is resolved within a doable time . The products are of high quality and John and his staff stand behind them. I had a set that no longer worked and being mid season of using them Global Archery immediately shipped me a new pair as I shipped back the defective ones. I have recommended John and his staff to many umpire friends and will continue to do so. Excellent company and service."

- Lesley Loeb
Pompton Lakes, NJ

"Hi John,

I just got the headset. Thank you SO much! I really appreciate it, but what I appreciate most is how helpful and wonderful you and everybody else have always been."

- Hannah Maisano
Philadelphia, PA

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for importing these absolute amazing AXIWI communication systems from Europe. Riding, training, and teaching horse back riding all day long can be very hard on your vocals over time. I bought the AXIWI AT-350 radios and they work like a charm in any environment (block background noise aka dirt-bike track next door or at the show grounds) and always make a very clean and solid communication possible (sound is just like a cellphone or even actually better)-- even in further distance. The icing on the cake is that I can communicate with several students at the same time and also can turn my microphone on and off. The radios and headsets are truly so lightweight and small that you actually forget that you are wearing them. The HE-75 headset is my personal favorite. It's thin, comfortable, and won't move around, even while jumping. We run the wire through the back under the shirt to the unit and attach the unit to the back of the pants/ belt area and it works great! The customer care from you personally and everyone in your company has been incredible all the way through. Sending me different radios and headsets just to let me try them all out without additional charges or shipping costs gave me the confidence to actual try them. I do realize they are more expensive then other communication systems out there, but they are worth every penny! These radios have great quality, a great warranty, and the customer service can't be beat.

My life has been so much more comfortable while teaching and the exhausting days of teaching riders in a large often hot, dusty or windy arena (with students still not being able to hear me) are finally over. I cannot say enough great things about my new AXIWI communication system! Thanks again to you and your team.

Silke Parry, M.D.
Medwinstables LLC,

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